Chod: Musical Examples Part IV

Composed by Shunda Wallace Music Therapist Chod incorporates a woven texture combination of text, melody, visualization and gesture while utilizing Tibetan instruments that include the two-sided damaru drum, the Tibetan bell, the thighbone trumpet as well as the human voice. In this particular practice there are two practitioners of Chod. In this practice meditators are …

Chod: A Musical Tibetan Spiritual Practice Part III

Composed by Shunda Wallace Music Therapist Tibetan Buddhism by contrast is more of a hybrid spiritual practice due to Buddhism’s penetration of Tibet from India. By this time Indian Buddhism was quite different from what it had been during the time of Buddha, becoming quite heavily influenced by Hinduism. In Tibetan Buddhism many of the …

Chod: A Musical Tibetan Spiritual Practice Part II

Composed by Shunda Wallace Music Therapist Historical Information As a spiritual practice, Buddhism is neither monotheistic (belief in one all powerful deities) or polytheism (belief in many deities). There is not one deity that is worshipped Buddhism. Buddhism is more of a spiritual path based on the practices of Buddha to attain “nirvana” “enlightenment” or …

Chod: A Musical Tibetan Spiritual Practice Part I

Composed by Shunda Wallace Music Therapist Introduction/Prospectus Eastern Spiritual “practices” has become a way to bring us back to ourselves in the stillness and silence of meditation unlike living in a western world where the things determine our self-worth by what we acquire. Thinking about the next new toy, clothing item, vehicle, boyfriend, degree and …


Composed by Shunda Wallace Music Therapist The Etiology of Narcissistic Personality Disorder is the defining psychological injury that occurs during early childhood typically after some emotions have developed but before regulation of the emotion empathy is learned. Etiology is the cause, set of causes, or manner of causation of a disease, condition or disorder (not …

Shunda Wallace’s Book Review of Dr. Eric Miller’s Bio-Guided Music Therapy

Bio Guided Music Therapy Book Review by Shunda Wallace First published in 2011 by Jessica Kingsley Publishers Forewords Bio Guided Music Therapy composed by Dr. Eric B. Miller, presents a colorful and fascinating 256 long wealth of information with 13 chapters of rich insight. The contents of the book are preceded by a three page …


Composed by¬†Shunda Wallace Music Therapist There are perhaps hundreds if not thousands of articles on Narcissistic Personality Disorder with attempts made by many to define the disorder outside of it’s proper clinical context. Due to the varying levels in which the disorder can take destructive form I have chosen to do a series of articles …

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November 27, 2012

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