Math and Science Test Scores in Music Curriculums

Composed by Shunda Wallace Historically, urban districts, have poured all of they’re money and resources into the more specialized schools, like Rosa Parks School for the Performing Arts in NJ or the Duke Ellington School for the Performing Arts in DC, forgetting the rest of the districts creative and needy children. It is sad, the …

Can Independent Film Makers Afford High Quality Scores

Composed by Shunda Wallace   I was at a film festival a few years back and there was a panel discussion on this very topic. Quincy Jones’ son who is a film maker, made the statement when I asked him the question, why are most of the low-budget independent films of today aren’t using higher …

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I will be posting the latest news here on projects I am involved with, including music, compositions, film soundtracks, documentary films, and much more.