About Shunda

Founder and President Shunda Wallace created a profit gaining Production Company, designed to delve into the world of film (storytelling) from the musician’s perspective.

Millions of films and CD’s are downloaded and sell yearly to demonstrate the power of the film and music industry, the size of the market and a desperate need for balance in what’s being offered to listeners and viewers.

Due to the current deficit in the quality of what’s being offered to listeners,’ we happily take on the challenge of raising the bar. We have shifted our new millennium paradigm way of creating by focusing on the talent and the work rather than fame and lack of substance. Our compositions and orchestrations are created to bring out the best in film from the perspective of a film-maker/musician .

The company’s first level of development involves film scoring and performance on movie scores that we choose to score, using the best studio’s, engineers and musicians.

We utilize state of the art studio’s that enables the company to conduct recording sessions for films and scripts that we approve. This also include a variety of projects with all size ensembles not excluding Symphony Orchestra. Our first film scored ìTransformationsî was invited to the HBO International Film Festival with a premier viewing in NYC’s East Side.

Our education and performance background is in voice, classical-jazz, composition-orchestration, conducting and business. With such credentials we are more than confident we will obtain future goals while leaving our clientale very satisfied.

Stay tuned, as we will keep you posted on the further development of 58thstreetentertainmentgroup.

God Bless
Founder and President
Shunda Wallace