2017, Montclair State University, NJ; major, Graduate Level Music Therapy Certification

2004-2005, Michigan State University, MI; major, Western Composition and Orchestration

M.M., 2002, William Paterson University, NJ; major, Jazz Composition and Orchestration.

B.M., 1993, William Paterson University, NJ; minor, Voice, Opera Performance; major, Vocal Jazz Performance; major, Music Management.

1988-1989, University of Miami, Miami, FL; major, Music Management

1987-1989, University of District of Columbia, Washington, DC; major, Undeclared


Relevant Coursework in Film:

—Film Production Management Montclair State University

— Film Documentary Michigan State University


Relevant Coursework in Psychopathology:

Anxiety and Anxiety Disorders

Mood and Mood Disorders                     Psychological Stress and Physical Disorders

Eating Weight and Eating Disorders      Dissociative Disorders

Drug and Substance Abuse                   Sex, Gender and Sexual Disorders

Psychosis and Schizophrenia                Disorders of Childhood

Cognitive Disorders


Relevant Coursework in Theoretical Frameworks

Psychodynamic                                        Cognitive-Behavioral

Humanistic-Existentialism                        Exposure Therapy

Family Systems Therapy                          Feminist Therapy

Adlerian Therapy                                      Gestalt Therapy

Person Centered Therapy                        Ethical Issues in Counseling


Relevant Coursework in Research

Intro to Statistical Methods in Psychology